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Why Schwabengitter® Grid?

Produced in Germany - for 25 years.

What is Schwabengitter Grid?

Schwabengitter Grid provides an innovative solution to the problem of non-load-bearing and muddy ground areas. This grid is made of high-pressure-resistant polyethylene and is ideal for use in parking and storage areas, pathways and places, paddocks and riding arenas, and other areas such as erosion and slope protection where good drainage and a stable surface are required.

This means that Schwabengitter separates the load-bearing layer from the layer in which the pressure is exerted, which is important for providing stability and maintaining the integrity of the surface over time. This allows water and dirt to drain quickly, keeping the surface dry. The grid also acts elastically and shock-absorbent, ensuring high slip resistance.

It’s also extremely durable and have a patented expansion joint system for stress-free installation. Schwabengitter Grids are available in different sizes and strengths to be able to withstand any type of load.

Another great advantage of Schwabengitter Grids is that they are made from highly pure recycled material and are therefore completely environmentally friendly. Additionally, Schwabengitter is suitable for water protection areas and can be disposed of easily.

Schwabengitter is an ideal solution for horse riding areas, paddocks, and runs, providing a simple, flexible and uncomplicated way to stabilize and improve your surfaces. Schwabengitter is an innovative solution for the problem of non-bearing and muddy ground surfaces. It provides a long-lasting, safe, and beautiful surface that brings pleasure to both you and your horses. With Schwabengitter, you have a simple, flexible, and uncomplicated way to stabilize and improve your surfaces.

Schwabengitter can be easily installed by yourself or you can use our installation service, which is ideal for larger areas. Let’s reinforce the ground without sealing its surface.

Benefits of Schwabengitter® Grid

Quick and affordable installation.

Schwabengitter Grids offer the benefits of fast and affordable installation. Additionally, the patented expansion joint system allows the grids to be laid without tension, making the work easier and saving time. Additionally, the low weight of the grids makes handling easy, even when installing in difficult-to-reach areas. This means that the edges of the gratings are easily cuttable. Overall, you can save many working hours by using Schwabengitter, compared to regular pavement.

environmentally friendly

Schwabengitter ist environmentally friendly. Made from 100% pure high-pressure polyethylene, a high-quality recycling material, they are not only environmentally neutral. Our grids can be easily recycled afterwards. Furthermore, Schwabengitter Grids are also suitable for water protection areas, making them a perfect choice for projects in sensitive environments.

Stable and durable

Although Schwabengitter® Grid have a low weight, they can support loads of up to 150 t/m with proper substructure. The durability of Schwabengitter is ensured by the integrated expansion joints and elastic material. These expansion joints perfectly compensate for temperature fluctuations and loads and provide a large, continuous area that can bear tremendous loads.

Optimal soil stabilizationization

The soil reinforcement provided by Schwabengitter® Grid keeps the ground dry and stable during bad weather. Optimal water drainage and flat infiltration reduce dirt and mud. Gravel surfaces are secured and the grass surface can recover and is durable. This makes Schwabengitter® Grid ideal for occasionally used parking areas and low-traffic parking areas.

Made in Germany

Schwabengitter are developed and produced in Germany, which stands for high quality and longevity. High transportation distances are eliminated, delivery times are shorter, as the products do not need to be imported from abroad.


The material is especially elastic. Integrated expansion joints in longitudinal and transverse directions ensure that Schwabengitter® Grid always fit perfectly together.

Slip-resistant surface

Schwabengitter® is particularly slip-resistant due to its special structure and surface texture. The grid chambers are open at the bottom, which ensures optimal water drainage and increases slip resistance. This property is particularly important for applications in road construction, for riding arenas, galloping tracks, and steep driveways and accesses.

Easy greening

The greening of Schwabengitter® Grid allows for a natural and ecological design of durable outdoor surfaces. The grid enables flat infiltration of water and supports the root development of plants, especially grass, as the grids are open at the bottom. It is ideal for the creation of green parks and open spaces, as well as for the design of roof gardens and green spaces in the city.

Enhance your surfaces with Lawn Grids - Schwabengitter®

Schwabengitter® Grid can be filled with either green vegetation or round gravel, depending on the application and of course for creating visual accents.

Schwabengitter® Grid reinforces your parking lot, driveway, yard, or fire truck access road. It is suitable for all driveable surfaces, for simple roof greening, and secures slopes against erosion. They secure parking areas, driveways, fire department access roads, parking spaces or caddy paths on the golf course.

Schwabengitter® Product Range

Schwabengitter® Grid secures your parking area, driveway, yard or fire department access. It is suitable for all driveable surfaces, simple roof greening and protects slopes against erosion.
If the surface is under heavy use, we recommend Schwabengitter® Grid 2000, while Schwabengitter® Grid Ontop is designed for rarely utilized areas.

Schwabengitter® Grid 2000

Schwabengitter® Grid 2000 is the most versatile grid. It was developed as a better alternative to traditional concrete lawn grid stones, but without taking on its disadvantages. Schwabengitter® 2000 surfaces have a much higher proportion of green due to thin webs, and therefore also better infiltration. In addition, they almost completely grow in and disappear almost invisibly.

Schwabengitter® Grid Ontop

Fast, flexible, and hassle-free! Schwabengitter® Grid Ontop is a completely new, easy, and affordable way to stabilize lawns or gravel lawns quickly and easily.

Schwabengitter® Grid Paddock

Paddocks, paddock runs, pen gateways, riding paths, and driving paths all have the same problem during bad weather. The horses sink into mud and dirt. With Schwabengitter® Grid Paddock, specially developed for your horse's needs, these problems are a thing of the past.

Schwabengitter® Grid Elastic

Schwabengitter Elastic is our grid for the riding area. It is a highly elastic plastic grid that provides anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties, making it ideal for show jumping and dressage arenas. Easy installation due to its lightweight and special locking system. Made from a particularly pure high-pressure polyethylene, which is obtained from recycled material and is therefore environmentally neutral. Enables flat infiltration. Schwabengitter Elastic can be easily cut with a normal pruning shears at connection edges.

Parking Caps for Schwabengitter® Grid 2000

Special white parking caps that have the size of a single chamber of Schwabengitter® Grid 2000 and are easily inserted. This allows you to either mark a single point or create a complete lining by inserting them individually or in rows.

Parking Caps for Schwabengitter® Grid Ontop

Special white parking caps that have the size of a single chamber of Schwabengitter® 2000 and are easily inserted. This allows you to either mark a single point or create a complete lining by inserting them individually or in rows.

Grass seeds for lawn grid systems (10 kg)

This seed mixture is perfect for all types of lawn grids and specifically for our Schwabengitter 2000. Our seeds are free from foreign grasses.

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