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The eco-friendly and robust alternative to cobbles and asphalt Quick and easy installation of Schwabengitter® Grid on load bearing surfaces - with Schwab Grid

Safe, durable, easy to install and environmentally friendly

What is Schwabengitter® Grid?

Are you looking for a reinforcing yet durable alternative for load bearing surfaces?

We offer you an affordable solution that is also environmentally friendly, using our Schwabengitter® lawn grids made of pure high-pressure polyethylene. Our grids are particularly elastic and adaptable thanks to integrated expansion joints in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. They can be filled with either grass, gravel or pebbles, and are suitable for parking areas, driveways, fire access roads, and even golf cart paths. Discover the benefits of Schwabengitter® Grid now and easily reinforce your surfaces.

Schwabengitter® - An overview of our grid

  • Load capacity of up to 150 tons/m2 with appropriate sub-base
  • Integrated expansion joint for adaptability in heat or cold
  • 100% pure high-pressure polyethylene that can easily be recycled
  • Low weight makes installation easy, saves time due to high installation performance and reduces transportation costs
  • No surface sealing
  • “Long-lasting and low maintenance
  • Promotion of root penetration through full-surface, downward-open chambers
  • Visual accents possible through greening or filling with gravel or pebbles
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective in installation and maintenance
  • No burning of grass due to hot grids in summer compared to traditional lawn grid stones

Applications and use cases

Our lawn grids - Schwabengitter® - offers a wide range of use cases and applications. "Due to its durability, longevity, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness compared to sealed surfaces, Schwabengitter® grid is used in a variety of applications and use cases

Parking areas

Greening of parking areas, driveways, fire access roads and golf cart paths

Equestrian arenas and paddocks

Reinforcement of paddocks, runs, stable entrances and riding paths

Industrial and commercial areas

Durable and environmentally friendly flooring for driveways and parking areas in commercial and industrial areas

Paths and areas

No more surface sealing for sidewalks, playgrounds, picnic and barbecue areas, and other public areas

Camping grounds

Environmentally friendly and durable securing of campgrounds and recreational parks

Temporary events

Quick and easy surface reinforcement for temporary events such as festivals, markets, sports events, and other gatherings.

Greening of sloped roofs

Reduction of building energy demand through greening of sloped roofs with Schwabengitter® grid

Erosion control on slopes

Promotion of vegetation while simultaneously providing erosion control on slopes

Root protection

Driveable and parkable root protection of street trees for an air- and water-permeable living space for the root area

Track greening

Driveable greening of tracks in tram construction as emergency and supply routes, which also serves to reduce noise and vibration emissions in cities.

Schwabengitter® Range

Schwabengitter® Grid secures your parking area, driveway, yard or fire department access. It is suitable for all driveable surfaces, simple roof greening and protects slopes against erosion.<br>
If the surface is under heavy use, we recommend Schwabengitter® Grid 2000, Otherwise, our "All-round" grid, the Schwabengitter® Grid 2000, is suitable.

Schwabengitter® Grid 2000

Schwabengitter® Grid 2000 is very versatile and the perfect solution for all driveable surfaces. It was developed as an alternative to lawn grid stones, without taking on their disadvantages. Our grid is particularly elastic and durable. It is perfect for securing parking areas, driveways, fire access roads, protection of slopes against erosion and roof greening. Due to its low weight and pre-assembled elements, it is quick and easy to install. It is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled after use.

Choose Schwabengitter® Grid 2000 if you are looking for a durable and environmentally friendly solution.

Schwabengitter® Grid Ontop

Schwabengitter® Grid Ontop is the ideal solution for easily, quickly and cost-effectively reinforcement of lawn or gravel lawn areas. “The grid is 2.5 cm thick and is placed on top of the existing lawn surface. It is quick and easy to install, providing stable protection for even car loads. The 2.5 cm thick grid is immediately invisibly grown and serves as a reinforcement of the lawn. Schwabengitter® Grid Ontop can also be placed directly on newly seeded or rolled lawns. Its wider web support on the bottom reduces the impression of the grid into the ground. This creates a load-free zone between car tires and the sensitive vegetation point of the grass plant. This allows the plant to grow and develop fully without hindrance. By eliminating complicated foundations, Schwabengitter® Ontop is not only easy to lay by anyone, but also creates a natural, percolating, and robust surface that can be expanded and modified at any time. Like Schwabengitter® 2000, Schwabengitter® Ontop is made of specially pure high-density polyethylene and is therefore environmentally neutral. The grids can be easily recycled. The extremely thin webs keep more than 90% of the surface green and serve for the flat percolation of rainwater.

Schwabengitter® Grid Paddock

The 2.5 cm thick grid immediately grows invisibly and serves as a reinforcement of the lawn. Schwabengitter Grid Paddock is the perfect solution for horse owners who need a stable, slip-resistant, and long-lasting surface for paddocks, runs, turnout entrances, riding paths, and other outdoor areas.

The grid separates the bearing layer and the tread layer (if present) and is elastic, flexible, and shock-absorbing. It is made of high-purity recycled polyethylene, making it environmentally friendly and UV resistant. It can be installed on simple, permeable gravel base layers and enables optimal water drainage. With Schwabengitter Grid Paddock, horse owners no longer have to deal with mud and dirt in bad weather.

Schwabengitter® Grid Elastic

Equine Flooring with System: Schwabengitter® Grid Elastic is our grid for equestrian sports. Schwabengitter® Grid Elastic is a highly elastic plastic grid that offers slip resistance and shock absorption, separates the base layer and drainage layer and provides optimal water drainage.

Schwabengitter® Grid Elastic is designed for equestrian arenas, jumping and dressage arenas, galloping tracks, and steep driveways and entrances.

Installing Schwabengitter

Schwabengitter® can be installed by yourself or laid by our installation service.

With our instructions and the proper preparation of the ground, you can quickly install the Schwabengitter Grids yourself. For larger areas, we often use machinery to level the ground. Let our experienced team support you to achieve the best results.

Installation of Schwabengitter Grid

Install Schwabengitter Grid yourself! Our simple installation guide allows you to stabilize and make your area slip-resistant in no time.

Our Installation Service

Our Schwabengitter installation service is ideal for larger areas where the subbase is often mechanically leveled.

If you have any questions or would like a quote,<br>
please contact us directly through our contact form.