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Installing Schwabengitter® – The Lawn Grid

Installing Schwabengitter Grid

Installing Schwabengitter

Schwabengitter Grid can be installed either by you or through our professional installation service.

With our installation guide and the careful preparation of the base, you can install Schwabengitter quickly and easily. For larger areas, we offer a mechanical planing service to achieve the best possible result. Our experienced team is always happy to assist you.

Installation Guide

Install Schwabengitter Grid yourself! Our simple installation guide allows you to stabilize and make your area slip-resistant in no time.

Our Installation Service

Our Schwabengitter installation service is ideal for larger areas where the subbase is often mechanically leveled.

Schwabengitter Grid Installation Guide

Subbase Recommendation

For car load: 20-30 cm of compacted gravel or 0/32-0/45 mm gravel mixture, we recommend untreated gravel for better plant growth

For truck areas: 40-50 cm of compacted gravel or 0/32-0/45 mm gravel mixture, we recommend untreated gravel for better plant growth

Step 1: Preparation

  • Level the building ground with a 1-2% slope
  • Depending on the requirements and later load, apply 20-50 cm of gravel or pebbles. For areas that are not to be greened, permeable, broken material, grain size 5-32 mm is recommended. For greened areas, untreated gravel is advantageous, allowing for better plant development.
  • Insert and compact the subbase level

Step 2: Installing

  • Install Schwabengitter Grid 2000
  • The grid provides for a stress-free installation due to its expansion joint system. It may be necessary to make adjustments in some places to align the grid with the conditions of the area. For this, a pruning shears can be used to easily cut the connecting edges of the grid.

Step 3: Filling

The last step in installing Schwabengitter involves filling the grid. For this, a lawn substrate or fine 2-8mm round grain gravel should be used.

Please note: We recommend against filling with conventional gravel as the fill material can move downwards and lift the grid.

The material should be filled to a depth of 1 cm below the upper edge of the grid. This ensures that the grid is installed securely and provides an optimal growth foundation for the plants. It is important to fill the grid carefully and evenly to avoid gaps or irregularities.

Afterwards, the grid can be seeded with a special lawn grid seed mixture by Schwab to achieve a dense, green, and hard-wearing lawn. This step needs some patience and care to achieve great results.

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