This seed mixture is perfect for all types of lawn grids and specifically for our Schwabengitter 2000. Our seeds are free from foreign grasses.


10 kilograms net
Sufficient for 500 m2 lawn area on new sowing.


10% Lolium perenne Paragon
15% Festuca rubra rubra Gondolin
10% Festuca rubra com. Calliope
15% Festuca ovina Ridu
15% Festuca arundinacea Debussy 1
20% Poa pratensis Geronimo
3% Agrostis stolonifera Cato
4% Agrostis capillaris Highland
3% Cynosurus cristatus Southland
3% Poa annua
1,8% Achillea millefolium
0,05% Bellis perennis
0,05% Thymus serphyllum
0,1% Prunella vulgaris