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Applications of Schwabengitter® Grid

Schwabengitter® Grid is the solution for various areas of application. Experience the difference with Schwabengitter.

Parking areas

Schwabengitter provides the perfect solution for the greening of parking lots, parking spaces, driveways, and fire department access roads. By using Schwabengitter, surface sealing is avoided and high load-bearing capacity is achieved at the same time. The open grid bottom provides optimal water drainage with the appropriate subgrade and contributes to flat infiltration. By using Schwab grass grid seed, successful rooting and greening of the parking lots can be achieved.

Equestrian arenas and paddocks

Whether it’s paddocks, runs, pasture entrances, riding trails, or training tracks, there’s always the same problem in bad weather: horses sink into mud and dirt. Schwabengitter® Grid are grass grids that secure floors and surfaces and even make them passable.

Industrial and commercial areas

Schwabengitter® provides an ideal solution for industrial and commercial areas where a durable and environmentally friendly flooring is needed. Thanks to the patented expansion joint system, the grid is particularly durable and can withstand heavy traffic. By avoiding surface sealing, severe weather is no longer a problem. It is the ideal solution for access roads, parking spaces, and parking lots in industrial and commercial areas.

Paths and areas

Schwabengitter® provides an ideal solution for paths and squares in public areas such as sidewalks, playgrounds, picnic and barbecue areas. It is a durable and environmentally friendly flooring that does not require surface sealing and thus allows for the infiltration of rainwater. Due to its high slip resistance, it is especially suitable for sidewalks.

Schwabengitter® Gridis a sustainable alternative that guarantees a long service life and easy maintenance.

Camping and recreation

Schwabengitter provides the perfect solution for securing camping grounds and recreational parks. They are environmentally friendly and durable, even for heavy trailers. It provides optimal infiltration of rainwater and has a slip-resistant surface, avoiding mud and puddles. Due to the patented expansion joint system and low weight, it is easy to install and low maintenance.

Schwabengitter is the ideal choice for camping grounds and recreational parks.

Erosion control on slopes

Schwabengitter contributes to the protection of slopes from erosion through its soil-stabilizing properties. By installing the grids, the soil structure is strengthened and soil moisture is regulated. Rainwater is distributed on the slope surface and can penetrate into the soil instead of running off in rapid streams and eroding the slope. The open bottom cells of Schwabengitter promote vegetation growth and contribute to soil stability.



Greening of sloped roofs

Sloped roofs can also be greened with Schwabengitter® Grid. The grid is spread on the roof and then filled with a special drainage layer, a root barrier, and a layer of substrate and groundcover plants. This layer of plants and substrate serves to capture and store rainwater while reducing the energy needs of homes.


Temporary events

Schwabengitter Grid can be used as a slip-resistant and durable ground reinforcement for temporary events and gatherings, especially in areas with high visitor traffic or places where it is important for the ground to remain mud-free, stable, and safe. As Schwabengitter Grid is made from environmentally friendly recycled materials, it is also a sustainable choice for temporary events. It is easy to install and remove, making it perfect for temporary applications.

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