Technical data


  • Individual element: 50 x 50 x 2.5 cm, wall thickness 5 mm, support ridge 16 mm, ready to lay pre-stacked on 1 m², weight 4.5 kg/m²
  • integrated expansion joints every 50 cm in both length and width
  • Surface anti-slip knurled
  • All grid chambers open downwards, resulting in maximum root penetration and optimal infiltration


  • is installed on normal paving sub-base
  • Roll out lawn area
  • can be laid on gravel terrace sub-base or existing lawn areas
  • no filling required


High-pressure polyethylene, made from pure recycled raw materials, environmentally neutral, suitable for water protection areas


  • Occasionally used parking areas/ parking areas with low traffic
  • Low-traffic, driveable green spaces
  • Securing gravel terrace areas, no more mud and dirt in bad weather, no flying stones when mowing. The grass cover can recover and is durable. Additionally, the solid gravel terrace sub-base provides enough stability even for heavy loads.
  • Lawn protection in public green spaces
  • Sidewalks
  • Camping grounds
  • Event spaces
  • Golf paths

Find more applications under use cases.

New installation

Schwabengitter Ontop is delivered pre-stacked into 1 m² units on disposable pallets of 100 m², allowing for even faster installation.

  1. Schwabengitter Grid Ontop should be installed immediately after seeding or after installing turf on the rolled out lawn/gravel terrace area.
  2. For existing lawn or gravel terrace
  3. Mow the lawn down short
  4. Roll out the lawn
  5. Lay Schwabengitter Ontop, possibly cut with pruning shears, then possibly roll out again
  6. Fertilize the lawn and keep moist until deep rooting. We recommend Schwab Turf Fertilizer.


We also offer special seed mixtures for greening, roll-out lawn, special fertilizers and poles for secure anchoring on strong slopes or in embankments.