Technical specifications


Single element: 50 x 50 x 5 cm, wall thickness 4 mm, support 10 mm, ready to lay pre-assembled on 1 m², weight 9 kg/m²
Integrated expansion joints every 50 cm in longitudinal and transverse direction
Non-slip dimpled surface
All grid chambers open downwards, resulting in maximum root penetration and optimal infiltration


Installed on normal paving base
No need for leveling layer of gravel
Filled with fine topsoil or round cobble stone


High-density polyethylene, made from pure recycled raw material, environmentally neutral, suitable for water protection areas


  • Hardened parking areas, driveways, courtyard or fire truck access roads
  • Secured to prevent erosion on slopes
  • For simple roof greening measures
  • Root protection for street trees, especially during tree renovation. This protects these sensitive areas and they can still be driven on and parked. An expanded air and water permeable living space of the root area is created.
  • Greening of railway tracks during construction of street railways. Many projects in Germany and abroad have been realized with this product. Specifically, Schwabengitter offers special advantages here: the greening reduces train noise and improves the city’s climate. Green areas are created in the track area that can also be driven on and thus remain open as rescue routes for paramedics or firefighters even during rush hour.
  • Water protection areas, as Schwabengitter Grid 2000 is environmentally neutral and UV-resistant.

More application options can be found in the applications section.

Installing Schwabengitter

Schwabengitter® are already pre-assembled in 1-m² units at the factory and can therefore be installed quickly. The installation performance is over 100 m² per person per hour.

  1. Level the ground with a slope of 1-2%
  2. Depending on requirements and future load, lay 20-50 cm of gravel or crushed stone. For areas that are not to be greened, porous, crushed material with a grain size of 5-32 mm is recommended. For greened areas, uncrushed gravel or mineral concrete is beneficial, allowing for better plant development.
  3. Build the base level and compact it. Note: Do not create a bed of gravel as a leveling layer, as this interferes with root penetration and can lead to trace formation.
  4. Install Schwabengitter® Grid 2000, if necessary, cut with pruning shears
  5. Fill Schwabengitter® 2000 with fine topsoil or lawn grid substrate (round cobble stones) up to 1 cm below the top edge of the grid
  6. Sow Schwabengitter® 2000 with a special lawn grid seed mixture

More information on installation can be found in the installation manual.


We also offer special seed mixtures for greening, special fertilizers, substrates for filling, and poles for secure anchoring on steep slopes or in slopes.


We offer special white parking lot caps that have the size of a single chamber and can be easily inserted. This way you can either mark a single point individually or create a complete line by stacking them in rows.


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